Top 20 NuGet notifier Packages

Update Notifier (update-notifier) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
jQuery Notifier (jquery-notifier) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
LLQNotifier is notify/subscribe event manager for UWP (Universal Windows Platform)
You can easily create notifications just with a few line of codes by this library - Go to website: for registering an account - Using this library create notifications - Download Notifier Mobile application for your mobile to manage your notifications https://play.googl...
Azure Notifier for Xamarin.Forms
Airbrake C#/.NET client (notifier)
Raavel .NET notifier
Implementation of the API reference
WPF.Notifier shows one or more toastnotification-windows. Besides it's possible to show your own window with your viewmodel as a toastnotification. (I)NotifierManager should be a Singleton, if you use it from different classes, because all notificationwindos are saved internally and removed after ...
Unkown WPF Taskbar Notifier Library