Top 20 NuGet nintendo Packages

Collection of SoE's ROM models, load functionality
Collection of SoE's S-RAM models, load (& experimental save) functionality
Snes9x savestate load and S-RAM extract functionality for SoE
Common functionality to load and save ROM files.
Collection of SoE's enums
Common functionality to load and save S-RAM files.
Snes9x savestate load functionality
.NET library and tools for loading and modifying Mario Kart 8 (Deluxe) files.
.NET library for loading and saving the Nintendo BFRES graphics archive format.
A library that reimplements select portions of the Nintendo Switch operating system and allows reading content formats used by the OS.
.NET library providing loading, saving, and serialization support for the Nintendo BYAML format.
.NET library for decompressing Yaz0 data.
A library for encoding, decoding, and manipulating audio files from video games.
Api to get data from Nintendo eShop