Top 20 NuGet news Packages

Official C# client library for News API ( Search for live news articles from all over the web.
A Fortnite C# API Wrapper using the API
Adds page templates to easily generate RSS/ATOM feed based on EPiServer page tree.
An asynchronous wrapper for the API.
Includes the retrieving of data from multiple websites' RSS feeds. Some included are GoogleNews, Reddit, TheGuardian and Yahoo. Additionally, the package stores a lot of information regarding all the entries in each feed. It is very convenient to parse through ,for example, specific site's news' t...
Aylien News API library for .NET
A simple to use async library to retrieve news from News API; written in .NET Standard 1.1.
Use this library to interact with
Generator of rss feed xml file
Microsoft Cognitive Services Search API Client Library
Microsoft Cognitive Services Search API Client Library for .NET Core
News Monitoring base library
The Microsoft News team is a proud supporter of a free, well-funded press which plays a critical role in society. We believe in delivering unparalleled breadth and depth of high-quality journalism. By combining the power of human and machine curation we can deliver news content to our readers that i...