Top 20 NuGet neuron Packages

Contains neural learning algorithms such as Levenberg-Marquardt, Parallel Resilient Backpropagation, initialization procedures such as Nguyen-Widrow and other neural network related methods. This package is part of the Accord.NET Framework.
Driver for Ebby Tech's Neuron student-board providing the communication required for the board to operate.
The NeuronEsb.ClientApi NuGet package includes all of the client libraries necessary for building independent applications that use Neuron ESB to publish messages to topics or to implement subscribers that receive messages from topics. These libraries also manage the execution of Business Processes ...
Community Edition of the Hardware access (driver) library to access functions like digital in and outputs, 1-wire, analog out and input as well as user led of the Unipi Neuron.
A library for quick implementation of neural networks