Top 20 NuGet nested Packages

Simple use of nested dictionary
Real component for ASP.NET Core that supports nested content, custom tags, runtime compilation and more.
A .NET binary serializer/deserializer library. With bit-level precision provides an easy way to serialize your class objects or primitive types to array of bytes and reverse. It supports complex types/nested classes and it is really easy to adapt your existing code to use this library.
This class contains two helper methods that allows to get a nested property value without checking if all the nodes are not null
MVC Nested folder structure for views.
Extendable macro expansion library.
Source code package. An extension for converting the entries in an IDictionary<string,string> to a nested IDictionary<string,object>.
SqlClient easy parser to object with nested complex object for .NET Core.
Miracle diagnostics logging framework
Parses unkown JSON to a <name, value, type, childs...> - List. Implemented as Extension-Method.
Nested routing for Asp.Net Core.
Allows use of paths with the JsonPropertyAttribute. Now you can deserialize a nested object more easily.
Multilevel Silverlight 4.0 menu and context menu. The control provides ease of use and flexibility by using, as template, the standard ListBox most of us are familiar with. It can use existing themes and supports shortcuts, access keys, keyboard navigation and can be wired to one or several elements...
To obtain the functionality of Console based options' selection. This also support the nested option selection as well.
Access deeply nested chains of properties/indexers in a null-safe manner with optional delegate to handle (i.e. log) interrupted chains.
Source code package. An extension for converting the values in either an IConfiguration or an IConfigurationProvider to a nested IDictionary<string,object>.