Top 20 NuGet naudio Packages

A library for .NET that integrates the NAudio audio framework with LiveSwitch.
Uses libmp3lame.dll from the Lame project to provide MP3 encoding support to NAudio. Both 64-bit and 32-bit versions of libmp3lame.dll are provided, with platform detection to determine which to use.
Recorder and Player based on NAudio library.
NAudio utilities including a LoopbackRecorder to allow for easy recording of what is coming through your soundcard.
A library for .NET that includes NAudio-based audio providers for IceLink's WebRTC extension. (Community Edition)
NAudio support for NLayer
A spectrum analyzer library for Windows Forms.
Flac (Free Lossless Audio Coded) support for NAudio.
NAudio support for Vorbis
A library for .NET that integrates the NAudio audio framework with IceLink.
Sound Player Control for NAudio. Play and record audio with a simple control. Can be used visially or programatically.
Simple Voice Capture adn Speak Library for Windows, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS
A collection of utility classes/functionality to make developing apps with NAudio easier.
A simple sound engine based on NAudio implemented in C# with .NET Framework.
A new audio library for VL
Extends NAudio with means to detect DTMF tones (aka touch tones) in live audio data and audio files. Documentation: Release notes: Refactor wait time estimation of the `BackgroundAnalyzer` to a less handcrafted solution.
Create custom effects using NAudio.
A library of NAudio related classes.
Package contains the libmp3lame dll. Which is also used in NAudio.Lame. Installing the package could solve the libmp3lame copy issue in NAudio.Lame package under PackageReference.