Top 20 NuGet mvccore Packages

Contains assemblies and content items required to integrate Kentico Xperience into ASP.NET Core applications.
This library provides HTML generator and tag helpers to display bootstrap-styled operation message alerts for ASP.NET Core MVC projects.
This library provides data-paging functionality and pager UI for ASP.NET Core MVC projects.
ASP.NET Core MVC Extensions Library provides addtional tag helpers and utility for simplify ASP.NET Core web application development.
.NET Unit test helpers for asserting that ASP.NET MVC Core controller / Razor Page actions return expected results
MvcCore - C# MVC Extensible Framework based on MvcCore PHP library.
Better approach to turn an ASP.NET Core Application Into Single Page Application using Ajax methodology. The main motto is to reduce developer's effort while working on creating a SPA and enhancing the Web app performance both on server and client side.
This package add the data type compatibility for ASP.NET Core TempData feature.
This library classes and helper methods which can be used to return action results directly during the MVC executing pipeline.
This package provide dynamic style localiazation resource accesing ability.
A set of UI controls for ASP.NET MVC Core