Top 20 NuGet multithreading Packages

Use dotnet Web Workers Threads in Blazor
Use dotnet Web Workers Threads in Blazor
MuPDFCore is a set of multiplatform .NET Core bindings for MuPDF. This package contains a control to display documents in PDF, XPS, EPUB and more formats in an Avalonia application with multithreaded rendering.
MuPDFCore is a set of multiplatform .NET Core bindings for MuPDF. It can render PDF, XPS, EPUB and other formats to raster images returned either as raw bytes, or as image files in multiple formats (including PNG and PSD). It also supports multithreading.
CsCheck is a C# random testing library inspired by QuickCheck. It differs in that generation and shrinking are both based on PCG, a fast random number generator. This gives the following advantages: - Automatic shrinking. Gen classes are composable with no need for Arb classes. So less boilerplat...
Create dedicated threads for a particular work. The WorkPool class does not use the standard .NET thread pool.
A set of Roslyn analyzers related to multithreading
Additonal FluentAssertions for multithreaded tests
Collection of useful classes for your .NET application: Object Pool, Thread Pool, Queue Async Processor, BlockingQueue, DiskQueue, ThreadSetManager, Throttling, Semaphore, EntryCounteringEvent, Collections, ReadOnlyCollections, IoC, WeakEvent and other.
PriorityStorageQueueReader is a priority based reader message reader for Azure Queue that supports great multi-threading processing capability A single reader may read form multiple queues within the same storage account and process on multiple handlers new PriorityStorageQueueRead...
DynaLock is a library to create and manage locks dynamically in run-time in concurrent software, DynaLock hides all concurrency complexities in distributed systems. Please visit DynaLock's github page for more information.
Keyed semaphores are keyed lock objects that improve the parallelism in your application
ThreadGun is a form of multithreading created for developers keen on building fast and stable application.
SDS(Service Domain Serializer) flexible, based on service domain contract dictionary, binary serializer. Now is obsolete. We are going to present the next version of binary Serialier - TSS(TypeSetSerializer) as the part of BCL solution(look at the project sources). TSS( is 4version of SDS) is geting...
DotGoodies.Testing.RhinoMocksExtensions provides 3 things for behaviour driven unit tests: * A base class for tests using RhinoMocks. * A way to create thread safe mock that can be called from several threads in parallel. This is to fix a well known bug in version 3.6 of RhinoMocks. ...
A small library containing helper classes for handling multithreading applications
The easiest way to have fixed thread number parallelism in LINQ on any processor environment! int threadNum=32; [my IEnumerable].GridEach(threadNum, x=> DoWork(x)); q:
Gear for leveraging multi-core processors to get things done faster.
Library for managing multithreaded program state; providing lock-free, fast, scalable data wrappers for shared variables.
Testing utilities: Resource finder, DB deployer, Asserts and more