Top 20 NuGet moon Packages

A simple library designed to assist with geographic coordinate conversions, formatting and location based solar and lunar information.
Essential types and helpers, extensions for System.Runtime.
Extensions for .NET (ASP.NET, WPF, ...) validation frameworks.
.NET library for parsing OData query options.
Helpers for handling operations with files, extensions for System.IO.FileSystem.
Generic / non-generic collections and extensions for System.Collections.
Simple Guard (or DbC) implementation.
Helpers for handling IO operations, extensions for System.IO.
Helper that runs async methods synchronously, extensions for System.Threading.
Extensions for WPF validation framework.
Fast object activator, extensions for System.Reflection.
Library for translating OData query options into T-SQL commands.
Extensions for ASP.NET Core MVC validation framework.
Extensions for ASP.NET Core rewriting middleware.
ASP.NET Core library for parsing OData query options.
Extensions for System.Linq, reusable LINQ queries, etc.
Security helpers and extensions for System.Security.Claims.
Extensions for ASP.NET Core MVC framework.
Fluent assertions related to Moon.Security.
Extensions for DotVVM ASP.NET framework.