Top 20 NuGet monads Packages

Functional programming library for C#
C# implementation of functional concepts: Maybe (Option), Either (Result), Try, Memoize
option & chooseSeq computational expressions that work with Null/Option/Nullable
This project provides the monads Maybe(of T) and Try(of T), both with full support for modern async/await code.
A gathering place for things that identify as monads but are C# in orientation
Collection of basic monads and functional extensions for C#
Contains some functional helpers methods and Monads
Rabbit link astral markup to service schema
Rabbit link astral contracts implementation
Contains core monad implementations including Maybe and Either for general use.
A monads package for C#
Monads are logic in-between instructions and often called "programmable ; " a common monads (Maybe, Do, Return ....) that helps with null checks
Temporality category to map function and values changing over the time
Functional extension for .Net
A gathering place for things that identify as monads but are C# in orientation
PheroMonads is a set of the three principal Monads implemented in .NET Core (Try, Maybe and Either). It allows to simply connect and pipelining different functions in a fluent/functional fashion. It is lightweight and has no dependencies.
Some extensions for functional programming with csharp, including monads like: - Maybe - Either - Reader - Writer - Try Moreover includes some extension methods for combining/composing/currying functions.
Monads (Maybe, Either, State, Reader, Writer) and monad combinators (Sequence, Sequence_, ReplicateM, ReplicateM_, MapM, MapM_, FoldM, FoldM_, ZipWithM, ZipWithM_, ForM, FilterM, LiftM, LiftM2, LiftM3, LiftM4, LiftM5, Join, When, Unless, Forever, Void, Ap, Compose, Guard, MFilter, MSum) in C#
Implementation of Monads inspired by Scala's Try