Top 20 NuGet minimod Packages

Creates nice textual representations of any objects. Mostly meant for debug/informational output.
A minimod for easy to use continuation pattern in CSharp.
Extends System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable´1 with a hierarchy flattener method.
A minimod for fluently interacting with genric types.
A minimod for fluently checking if strings or collections are either null and/or empty.
A minimod for impersonation with network share support.
A minimod for fluently joining Enumerables using String.Join; Adds JoinStringsWith() to IEnumerable and IEnumerable<T>
Extends System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary´2 with Union.
CEP based on Rx.
A small reactive message based MVVM.
Extends System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary´2 with EnsureValueFor and AddToCollection: a) EnsureValueFor(TKey key): Creates a instance of TValue for the given key and returns it; b) AddToCollection(TKey key, item(s)): Ensures the concrete collection type for key, and add...
A minimod for easy to use pattern matching in CSharp.
Extends DateTime, DateTimeOffset and Timespan by a method called 'GetPrettyString()'.
Extends System.String/IEnumerable<string> by following methods: a) ShortenTo(int length, string hint = "..."): Crops a text to fit into certain number of chars. Appends 'hint' if it has to be cropped; b) WrapAt(int margin): Nicely wraps a text at the...
Extends System.Type, System.Reflection.MethodBase and System.Diagnostics.StackFrame by a method called 'GetPrettyName()'.
A minimod for persisting event messages using Rx.
A minimod for persisting event messages using Rx.
An Event-/Message broker by using the Rx.
Typesafe thread-static variables.
A minimod for messaging using HTML5 WebSockets. HTML5 WebSocket demo included.