Top 20 NuGet michael Packages

Serialize and deserialize any object without decoration/attributes.
A CSharp library that gives you better console handling for that classic ASCII look.
A CSharp library that allows you to diff two objects and get a list of the differences back.
Deep clone or copy any complex object without the hassle of serialization, decoration or custom mappings.
A simple library for retrying operations with backoff and async support.
Widgets for MyC2ONVENO Sales4Pro.
A lightweight CSharp mapping library for mapping one object type to another.
Custom Controls for MyCONVENO Sales4Pro.
BaseViewModels for MyCONVENO Sales4Pro.
Interfaces, Models and DataBase access for MyCONVENO Sales4Pro.
UserControls for MyCONVENO Sales4Pro.
iOS binding package for Michael Tyson's TPKeyboardAvoiding. For more information, follow this description:
Toolkit for MyConveno UWP Projects.
Helper for MyCONVENO Sales4Pro.
Menu Controls for MyCONVENO Sales4Pro.
Styles for MyCONVENO Sales4Pro.