Top 20 NuGet metric Packages

Composit widget to allow user to enter e.g. height / weight values and convert between units. See jQuery.ui.unitconverter.Example.html for a working example for height/weight inputs.
Highly robust program takes your given measurement and converts it to the metric standard, then to all of the different measurements. Rounds measurements to 4 digits to the nearest even number.
Reconfigures metrics to route most local broadcast game discovery packets through specified adapter.
DEPRECATED! Use UnitsNet 4.0.0 or later instead, which is now signed. This package will be unlisted sometime later. Get all the common units of measurement and the conversions between them. It is light-weight and thoroughly tested.
Http profiler system for AspectCore APM.
Application profiler system for AspectCore APM.
Method profiler system for AspectCore APM.
Prometheus EntityFramework Monitoring Middleware