Top 20 NuGet mergesort Packages

Sorts Span<T> (and arrays) more quickly than System.Array.Sort
Fully managed B+ Tree implementation for local data storage; ported to .NET Standard 2.0. Forked from:
A fast sorting algorithm for all datatypes using IComparable(ints, floats, decimals, strings, etc.).Outperforms generic mergesorts and leverages parallel processing for larger arrays.
Sorting algorithm
Simple generic mergesort method implement the mergersort algorithm (since in c# sort method uses quick sort). To use simple invoke the static method: For version 1.1.6: use MergeSort<T>.Sort(IEnumerable<T> tosort), it returns result in IEnumerable<T> type. For version 1.0.0: use MergeSort<T>.Sort...
A lightweight sorting suite for IComparable types. Supports multiple sorting algorithms