Top 20 NuGet max Packages

MADE.NET Data Validation comes fully loaded with all the value validators you'd expect of any validation library. Easily get up and running with data validation on value ranges, alphanumeric, email address, min/max lengths, required, regular expressions and more as well as defining your own!
Extension function pack to increase productivity and improve source code writing.
Provides a set of helpful extension methods and other bits allowing for more convenient usage approaching the Google.Protobuf package.
1.Add Data Row Range. 2.Remove Data Row Select. 3.Group By Aggregation (Sum,Count,Avg, Max, Min). 4.DataTable to XML Document. 5.DataTable to XML File. 6.Sum,Count,Avg, Max, Min. 7.NativeGroupAggregation
Keeps track of elapsed time, iteration count, max, and mean time spent for a given operation
This is a PCL library that contains helper classes that should make handling intervals and faders (sliders) more comfortable. So if you want some value clipped between two distinct values, some nice constructors for that and maybe tell the structure to advance the value to 33% and read the resultin...
AngularJS Filters is a collection of useful filters for angularjs. The included filters are "default:defaultValue", "firstNotNull", "lastNotNull", "max", "min".
.NET library for mapping to and from contract types using Max and Entity Framework 6.
Package Description
This library provides a variety of formulas to estimate a one rep maximum.
The C++ Mathematical Expression Toolkit Library (ExprTk) is a simple to use, easy to integrate and extremely efficient run-time mathematical expression parsing and evaluation engine. The parsing engine supports numerous forms of functional and logic processing semantics and is easily extendible. ht...
The C++ Mathematical Expression Toolkit Library (ExprTk) Extra Examples
.NET library for mapping to and from contract types using Max.
Advanced data structures for .NET