Top 20 NuGet materialdesign Packages

MaterialDesignControls Plugin for Xamarin Forms is a collection of Xamarin.Forms controls that apply the Material Design Guidelines
Material Design Extensions is based on Material Design in XAML Toolkit to provide additional controls and features for WPF apps. The controls might not be specified in the Material Design specification or would crash the scope of Material Design in XAML Toolkit.
Desktop Assets, Vue and React Framework libraries, Bootstrap, Material Design SVGs, Font Awesome and Win32 APIs for ServiceStack CEF .NET Core Desktop Apps
Contains an icon set for Material Design provided by for use in .NET WPF applications.
Ccr.MaterialDesign package for implementing Material Design Hybrid design standard in WPF projects.
Google's Material Design for your windows forms. MaterialSkin 2 is a Google's Material Design skin for you windows forms app. This updated version brings new user controls, unified theming and consistency. This package supersedes the MaterialSkin package By IgnaceMaes. Example app and documentation ...
Adds support for the Material Design icons from "".
An Android library to create fully material designed bottom dialogs similar to the Android Pay app.
An android library to display a material-designed dialog with header.
Material Design Form controls for Xamarin.Forms.
Custom wpf styling that looks a bit like material
Show, close material dialogs, dialog identifier, message box.
Web Icon helpers for Font Awesome, Glyphicons, and Material Design
The Material Design Icons font for SkiaSharp.Extended.Iconify.
These are Material Design controls for all programming activities
Special build of MaterialDesignExtensions supporting long file system paths via an additional library rather than System.IO to support older Windows and .NET versions. If you do not need the long path support for older Windows and .NET version, please install the original Material Design Extensions...
This is a dialog box which behave like MessageBox of WinForms
MessageBox e InputBox para WPF customizados com o MaterialDesignInXAML
Material Message Box for WPF apps.