Top 20 NuGet management" Packages

Provides Microsoft Azure Media Services management functionality.
Provides network management capabilities for Microsoft Azure.
Provides management capabilities for Microsoft Azure Web Sites. Deploy, configure, debug, and scale your websites using familiar APIs.
Provides resource group and resource management capabilities for Microsoft Azure.
Provides Microsoft Azure infrastructure and data center management operations, including the ability to create and manage affinity groups and manage basic subscription information.
Provides virtual machine and hosted service management capabilities to developers. Launch, restart, scale, and manage VMs, hosted services, virtual disks, operating system images, and more.
Provides storage management operations for Microsoft Azure, including the ability to create, delete, and configure storage service accounts and credentials.
This set of packages open up a rich surface area of Microsoft Azure services, giving you the power to automate, deploy, and test cloud infrastructure with ease. These services support: - Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines - Hosted Services - Infrastructure Services - Scheduler - Storage Accounts - Sub...
Spec DLL for Microsoft Azure RemoteApp Management
Spec DLL for Microsoft Azure RemoteApp Management
Provides virtual network management capabilities for Microsoft Azure.
Provides express route management capabilities to developers. Create, delete, list, retrieve dedicated circuits, bgp peerings, dedicated circuit links, and more.
Provides vault upgrade management capabilities.
CSM/Resource Groups-compatible library. Provides management capabilities for Intune services.
NOTE: This package has been deprecated, and the functionality from this package has been added to the main Data Lake Store package. Please use Microsoft.Azure.Management.DataLake.Store package instead. Provides tool capabilities for Data Lake Store Uploader services, enabling rapid upload of data i...
Provides azure backup management capabilities.
Machina .Net SDK