Top 20 NuGet mailchimp Packages

A .NET Wrapper for Mail Chimp v3.0 API
Mandrill .Net is a quick and easy wrapper for getting started with the Mandrill API.
Simple .net wrapper for the api
Provides integration to Mandrill - Transactional Email from Mailchimp
ASP.NET Core security middleware enabling MailChimp authentication.
Update package for umbraco CMS v8.4.1 * Umbraco Forms v8.1.2 * Mailchimp Integration WorkflowType
The CData MailChimp Data Provider enables you to use standard drivers to connect to MailChimp data.
Use this API to send transactional emails and create Mustache.Website email campaigns contacts. Get your API Key at for free.
Small NuGet package to help your customers subscribe/update their MailChimp subscriptions.
.NET MailChimp API wrapper
C# wrapper for MailChimp API 2.0. This version uses the ServiceStack.Text assembly, which is the paid version.
Freddie (the MailChimp mascot) is a .NET API wrapper for MailChimp that keeps things simple.
React Mailchimp Subscribe (react-mailchimp-subscribe) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
A .NET wrapper for the MailChimp API v3.0.
A .NET Wrapper for Mail Chimp v3.0 API
Umbraco Forms Mailchimp Integration WorkflowType
.Net wrapper for MailChimp V3.0 Documentation:
A wrapper for the Mandrill API.
NServiceBus feature to send Mandrill API requests over the bus