Top 20 NuGet magical-unicorn Packages

Used with SimpleAuthentication, provides automated configuration for ASP.NET Mvc projects.
SimpleAuthentication is a ASP.NET library that makes it really simple to for developers to add Social Authentication code to an ASP.NET application.
This is a Glimpse plugin which helps developers see what magic happens 'under the hood' for SimpleAuthentication.
Used with SimpleAuthentication, provides automated configuration for ASP.NET NancyFX projects.
Used with SimpleAuthentication, this adds additional provider support: 1. GitHub 2. Amazon 3. 37 Signals 4. LinkedIn 5. OpenId.
Used with SimpleAuthentication, provides automated configuration for ASP.NET Mvc projects.
Some simple System.Net.Http.HttpClient helpers to help with your unit tests or when you don't really want to call the endpoint.
Used with SimpleLogging, this provides you with a quick, simple and easy way to log messages with NLog. A common use of this is to send messages to an NLog viewer like Sentinel to get live (streamed) logging messages. Also includes a simple way to programatically turn on/off an NLogViewTar...
SimpleSitemap is a lite library that helps you create web sitemaps for collections or lists of items. These sitemaps follow the Sitemap Protocol. Both sitemapindex and urlset links are generated, based upon the data collection size and 'page size'. Examples of this could be a list of your users, ...
This package is now rebranded to: SimpleAuthentication.Core
SimpleLogging is a lite and tiny package to help logging in any .NET application. This core library is a Portable Class Library. It's also mainly just some common framework for other SimpleLogging packages - which is really what you should be using.
There's a lot broken with the stock standard ASP.NET MVC error handling. It can't display cshtml (Razor) pages :( They 302 redirect to the html error page. There's too many places to wire up, to handle errors. Fear not! This package can save your day! Install it and then define your error pages in...
These are the core base class libraries that form the foundation for the OpenRealEstate library.
This package simplifies logging to LogEntries using nLog as the engine.
Spatial.Services is a simple package that makes it easy for you to consume some 3rd party Spatial Api services.
This library contains some simple error classes for a consistent way to handle errors in a NancyFX application.
An NLog target for the Bugsnag error reporting SaaS. NLog: Bugsnag:
A simple Ftp library which includes an interface and a simplified api. It's easy to think this is just a glorified wrapper around WebClient ... but it's actually useful!
This library is a simple wrapper over some common Google Maps or Google Places 'Web Services' API. It's ment to provide a quick and convenient way to query the specific Google Api's.
A mediator to validation OpenRealEstate instances.