Top 20 NuGet m-files Packages

Framework for developing M-Files Vault Applications.
Interop DLL to use M-Files COM API from .NET applications. This package is enough to compile such an application, to run it, the API needs to be installed on the machine.
Package for mock objects to test M-Files applications.
Sample .NET wrapper for the M-Files Web Service. Not designed for production use.
Vault Json tools. Serialize to Json, Diff, etc.
Cryptographic utilities related to M-Files Vault Applications.
Utility functions for M-Files extensibility applications.
An assembly that contains interface definitions for M-Files extensibility.
Manages and simplifies M-Files background operations
Useful extension methods for both M-Files API and VAF objects
M-Files object mapper for vault entities
Interfaces and utilities for making an M-Files Vault Application configurable using MFAdmin.