Top 20 NuGet lua Packages

vJine.Lua is a C# wrapper for Lua(based on lua 5.3).
Binder of Unmanaged code for .NET The Conari engine represents flexible platform for work with unmanaged code (native C/C++ etc.): Libraries, Executable Modules, other native and binary data. Lightweight and powerful binding with any exported functions and much...
Newtonsoft.Json writer adapter for Luaon.NET.
Autofac module configured by Lua script file.
A Lua inspired script engine for embedding in .NET applications.
100% .NET Lua implementation
Reading/writing LUA table expression becomes easy.
Yet another Lua interpreter for .NET.
Allows loading C# scripts on runtime and executing them.
Lua implementation in C#
A package containing the Lua for Windows (5.1) and Lua Interface (2.0) project libraries along with some additional utilities to make interfacing easier.
A fast, lightweight Lua scripting engine written entirely in C#.
Provides an easy and efficient way to embed Lua into your .NET application.
A C# port of the Lua v.5.1.4 virtual machine, parser and libraries.