Top 20 NuGet linked Packages

A simple implementation of round robin in c# with circular linked list
Enterprise ready object mapper for developing RDF knowledge graph applications with .NET
This library allows Semiodesk.Trinity to use the OpenLink Virtuoso store directly through the ODBC interface.
This package is part of the Semiodesk Trinity API. It allows for the creation of C# representation of ontologies as well as the mapping of RDF classes to C# classes.
The Web Application project supports the use of linked project files, however, when the project is built those files are not copied into the web application folder and hence are not available to the web application. This package adds MSBuild target which copies all content files added as link to Web...
Lightweight and performant immutable linked list data structure for .NET
Semiodesk Trinity is a high-level C# API for querying and manipulating RDF triplestores. Semiodesk Trinity offers a Object-Mapping mechanism which also supports all the features that makes RDF great, for example being schema-less and inferencing.
React Addons Linked State Mixin (react-addons-linked-state-mixin) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Peshkov.Web.Content.CopyLinkedFiles package description linked data extension
This project allows you easily add dynamic properties to any existing instance without creating derived type in .NET (C# or VB.NET). This approach is similar as attached dependency properties in WPF. It can be used as attribute system for complex definition of data model behavior or just to create t...
Treats the "linked" folder in an dependend nuget package as an additional special folder and adds it's contents as link to the solution
A lock free doubly linked list for high concurrency.
Thread-safe singly linked list based on work presented in Zhang, K et al. Practical Non-blocking Unordered Lists.