Top 20 NuGet libclang Packages

Multi-platform native library for libclang.
This package contains samples that demonstrate the use of the library
C# bindings for the libclang c++ parsing library.
.Net wrapper for clang C API
Simple OO wrapper on top of libclang in C#.
Provides a comprehensive object model that exposes the entire libclang API including static indexing, event driven indexing, code completion, build system, compilation database, and documentation parsing. Requires Microsoft.NET version 4.5 or higher.
Embed libclang binaries as assembly resources. To retrieve the embedded resources, use Assembly.GetManifestResourceStream("");
C# port of library:
Cross-platform binaries of libclang for dotnet core. Includes some tools like clang-format.
Native LLVM Windows X86 DLL to be consumed with LLVMSharp
Native LLVM Windows X64 DLL to be consumed with LLVMSharp
Native LLVM Windows X86/X64 DLL to be consumed with LLVMSharp
Bindings for LibClang
Cross Platform native libraries for libLLVM v4.
Cross platform support libraries for GPU support.
libclang binary file.