Top 20 NuGet lexical Packages

Proper localization class library for C#.
Localization class library abstractions
Generates LR(1) parsing table and lexer from a grammar definition file. Includes parser and lexer classes which can be constructed from the generated parsing table and used to build a syntax tree for a given plaintext. Supports easy compilation of the syntax tree into a custom object graph, effectiv...
Compability with Microsoft.Extensions.Localization, Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection and Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.
Localization class library for .NET
IFileSystem implementations.
Abstractions for IFileprovider that can open package files. For example ""
File provider that can drill down into package files by using other IFileProviders. For example: ""
.NET class library that for handling unicode string.
.NET Class library with different permutations of Tuple classes.
Abstractions for localization class library for .NET
Virtual file system IFileSystem interfaces.
C# library for parsing string equations into functions.
Fusion is a JavaScript, HTML, and CSS language framework.
A MathParser using RPN supporting User-Defined Functions, Operators, Variables, Conditional Operators and more...
Fusion is a JavaScript, HTML, and CSS language framework.
A partir de uma entrada, onde contem uma cadeia de caracteres, é gerado uma lista de lexemas+tokens
Package Description
MSBuild task for scanning localization strings
Utils for file system.