Top 20 NuGet level Packages

Second Level Cache for Entity Framework 6.3 and newer.
Simple use of nested dictionary
Caching provider for NHibernate using NCache Enterprise. Supports SqlCacheDependency, allowing SQL Server changes to invalidate the cache.
Caching provider for NHibernate using NCache Professional.
Caching provider for NHibernate using NCache OpenSource.
Supported Platforms: • NETFramework Create, parse, and send HL7 messages, thereby enabling your application to communicate with other HL7 applications and seamlessly participate in the enterprise environment. Create complete end-to-end enterprise medical applications that include DICOM, PACS, and ...
MongoCRUD is a high level library to make easy basic operations like create, update, update partial by query, upsert, delete, delete by query, get, search with paging and sorting, and filter buiders.
An Automated Role Based Access Control .NET framework with T-SQL Query Parser which automatically parse select, insert, update, delete queries (row and column level security) based on the logged in user role. It also maintains user interface entitlements like menu, submenu, screen and screen element...
Formula.Cache Multi Level Cache - Pluggable Multi Level Cache that can easily be extended by writing a simple plugin to facilitate new caching techniques. NOTE: THESE TOOLS ARE USED INTERNALLY FOR FORMULA.CODER DEVELOPMENT AND NOT TESTED ON OTHER FRAMEWORKS OR VERSIONS.
Allow switching Logger level at runtime to all sinks
This Library Contains Implementations of ICrudService,Logging and Transaction Interception based on EFCore
Level Sublevel (level-sublevel) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Logging system for .Net, which includes logging levels and string filtering.
Low level implementation of Chrome DevTools Protocol
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Converts a level bitmap to a tile sheet / level data and vice-versa.
PerFieldAuth for ServiceStack allows for defining authentication roles required for the specific DTO fields to be accessible
Couchbase second level Cache provider for NHibernate
A simple wrapper to do street level address validation via the UPS API. All you need is your UPS login, password and license number.
A collection of useful bit twiddling algorithms most as extension methods for integer types