Top 20 NuGet leoxia Packages

Simple Log Library. Provides ILogger LogManager FileAppender RollingFileAppender ConsoleAppender
Mock Ioc Helpers. It helps instiantiation of classes through IOC and automock. Based on Moq and DryIOC. Provides MockUnitTestFixture WriterUnitTestFixture
Abstractions for System.IO.FileSystem.DriveInfo Provides: IDriveInfo IDriveInfoFactory
Implementations for IO Abstractions of Leoxia.Lx.IO.Abstractions
Abstractions for System.IO.FileSystem.Watcher Provides: IFileSystemWatcher
Implementations for IO Abstractions of Leoxia.Lx.IO.Abstractions
Provides reflection based helpers for testing purposes. Provides: ObjectBuilder ObjectComparer ObjectFiller ObjectTester AssemblyExtensions TypeExtensions InstanceExtensions ListExtensions
Provides helpers for manipulation of classes in System.Security or its sub namespaces. Provides: RSACertificateCipher X509CertificateProvider
Fluent Assertions for different kind of types. Reduce assert avaialable depending on the type while providing meaningful messages. Doesn't support expression analysis yet. Provides: ObjectCheckable ListCheckable BoolCheckable IntegerCheckable StringCheckable TypeCheckable EquatableChec...
File system IO related classes. Provides: DocumentText DocumentTextSaver MD5HashFileProvider TemporaryFileProvider
Network communication related classes. Provides: IpAddressExtensions IpResolver TraceRoute
Helper classes for serialization/deserialization of Json files. Provides Serialize() and Deserialize() on IFileInfo.
Provides contract checkers for different common interfaces. Ensure that interface is really well implemented. Provides: CollectionChecker (for ICollection) EnumerableChecker (for IEnumerable) EquatableChecker (for IEquatable) SetChecker (for ISet) HashSetChecker (for IHashSet) IShallowCl...
Implementations for IO Abstractions of Leoxia.Lx.IO.Abstractions
Implementations for Leoxia.Abstractions.Diagnostics. Provides Implementations for: IStopwatch IStopwatchFactory
Abstractions for System.IO classes. Provides: IConsole IDirectory IDirectoryInfo IDirectoryInfoFactory IFile IFileInfo IFileInfoFactory IPath IStreadmReader IStreamWriter ITextReader ITextWriter
Implementations for System abstractions classes. Provides Implementations for: IAssembly IEnvironment
Abstractions for System.Diagnostics. Provides: IStopwatch IStopwatchFactory
Abstractions for System classes. Provides: IAssembly IEnvironment IShallowCloneable ITimeProvider
Implementations for System abstractions classes. Provides Implementations for: ITimeProvider