Top 20 NuGet leagueoflegends Packages

A League of Legends API client library
Unofficial C# League of Legends API Portable Class Library
A library for easy access to Riots League of Legends Developer Api. If you don't have your free developer key yet head over to to sign up for one! You will need to add an App.config or Web.config with the following app settings: <add key="ApiKey" value="[Your Key H...
Open source Portable C# Library for League of legends API provided by Riot Games Do not hesitate to reach me on twitter (@kRapaille) if you have any issue. “This product is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Riot Games, Inc. or any of its affiliates.”
C# AspNetCore LeagueOfLegends v3 and upper ApiClassLibrary.
LeagueOfLegends.NET is a library for League of Legends, a game by Riot Games.
League of Legends client integration library for .NET
This is a .net Api for Riot Games League of Legends written in C#.
[DEPRECATED] please use RiotGamesAPI package
[DEPRECATED] please use RiotGamesAPI package