Top 20 NuGet knockoutjs Packages

A high-performance KnockoutJS DataGrid. KoGrid was inspired by SlickGrid, and has been kept in sync with its sibling, ng-grid (a high-performance AngularJS DataGrid).
A project to create a robust set of Knockout.js bindings for the Kendo UI widgets.
A Knockout.js binding to connect observableArrays with jQuery UI sortable functionality
A JsonConverter that serializes JSON, with data annotation meta-data embedded, so you can write validation logic on the server and render it on the client.
A KnockoutJS custom binding that applies a TinyMCE Editor to the bound HTML element
Wijmo has full support for MVVM (Model View View-Model) development. We chose to adopt Knockout as our officially support MVVM library. This Knockout Integration Library provides seamless support for MVVM in each Wijmo widget. We also included support for each jQuery UI widget in our library.
Knockback.js provides Knockout.js magic for Backbone.js Models and Collections.
This is a simple plugin that allows you to inspect your KnockoutJS ViewModels using the Glimpse tool
Knockout-AMD-Helpers is a lightweight plugin that makes working with AMD modules in Knockout.js easier by adding a "module" binding and pulling external templates using the text plugin.
A Select2 v4 binding handler for Knockout.
Adds all the useful collection and array methods from Underscore.js to Knockout observable arrays. Also includes several convenience methods to manipulate the underlying array.
A Fluent JSON library for building Knockout view models (or any other JSON object) built on top of JSON.NET.
Autocomplete binding for KnockoutJS
A Knockout.js binding to connect observableArrays with jQuery UI sortable functionality. Includes a custom build of jQuery UI with only sortable/draggable functionality.
koGrid is a direct knockout port of ng-grid which was originally inspired by koGrid, which was inspired by SlickGrid. I know, right?
Advanced light router for knockout.js
Knockback-Inspector.js provides an inspector tree view library for Backbone.Models and Backbone.Collections using Knockback.js.
Aims to be a simple and clean way of making html tables pageable and sortable using knockoutjs.
KnockoutJS plugin allows to accept/rollback changes on individual observables and view models in simple and elegant way
An alternate binding provider for Knockout that allows you to define your bindings in a JavaScript object and key into it from the markup.