Top 20 NuGet knockout.js Packages

Neutronium is a MVVM HTLM View engine for C# application. This is the javascript binding based on knockout.js framework.
A simple and flexible plugin to do declarative event delegation in Knockout.js
Knockout-AMD-Helpers is a lightweight plugin that makes working with AMD modules in Knockout.js easier by adding a "module" binding and pulling external templates using the text plugin.
Build.Mvc is a helper extensions method library that turns the standard ASP .NET MVC 3.0 HtmlHelper methods into jQuery-style chainable methods that allow you to expressively add markup and style to your MVC application.
Knockback.js provides Knockout.js magic for Backbone.js Models and Collections.
Knockback-Inspector.js provides an inspector tree view library for Backbone.Models and Backbone.Collections using Knockback.js.
An unobtrusive, convention-based binding provider for KnockoutJS.
jQuery plugin that uses an intuitive expression building UI to generate OData query strings