Top 20 NuGet jasmine Packages

Jasmine specification runner support for Cassette.
Adds Karma and Grunt scripts to your project and runs the Javascript unit test as part of the build. One needs to add the test files inside TestScripts Folder. Add references to source js files in Karma.conf.js, eg: files: [ 'Scripts/angular.js', 'Scripts/angular-*.js', 'So...
This package needs to be installed in order to execute JazSharp unit tests in visual studio and the dotnet command line.
JazSharp is a unit testing and method-level mocking framework heavily inspired by Jasmine (JavaScript). Major benefits of using this framework over others is that you can mock non-virtual and static calls removing interfaces and dependency injection as requirements for effective unit tes...
Runs QUnit & Jasmine unit-tests from .NET via Selenium WebDriver.
Add Expect (as Jasmine) behavior to NUnit to use instead of Assert.X
Phantom.js runner to integrate javascript tests for xUnit
Lightweight BDD-style unit testing framework built on top of NUnit
ExpectThat for Jasmine is an expressive, self-documenting assertion library for CoffeScript/JavaScript.
Jasmine is a behavior-driven development framework for testing JavaScript code. The package contains only jasmine.js which is useful for using together with Chutzpah.
Jasmine spec runner for SharePoint Apps