Top 20 NuGet isolation Packages

The most powerful free mocking library available for .NET developers.
It's faking amazing! The easy mocking library for .NET that works great in C# and VB.NET alike. No need to know the difference between a stub, a mock or a spy, everything's a fake! The easy to use, refactoring friendly API makes faking a breeze.
Unit testable classes wrappers for CLR
Supplementary attributes package for use with Hudl.Mjolnir.
Fault tolerance library for protecting against cascading failure. Uses bulkheads and circuit breakers to isolate problems and fail fast.
Windows Prison
Package Description
Prig(PRototyping jIG) is a framework that generates a Test Double like Microsoft Fakes/Typemock Isolator/Telerik JustMock based on Unmanaged Profiler APIs. This framework enables that any methods are replaced with mocks. For example, a static property, a private method, a non-virtual member and so o...