Top 20 NuGet iprogress Packages

This packages enables projects targeting down-level platforms to use some of the types added in later versions including: - CallerMemberNameAttribute - CallerLineNumberAttribute - CallerFilePathAttribute - Tuple<T1, T2, ...> - IProgress<T> - IStructuralComparable - IStructuralEquatable - Task - Inv...
Provides a proxy like HttpContent implementation that reports the upload progress.
Provides a Stream.CopyTo overload for reporting the current progress while copying.
Provides Stream.CopyTo overloads for reporting the current relative or absolute progress while copying.
Provides a hierarchical implementation of the System.IProgress<T> interface, allowing for more complex scenarios with multiple parallel operations being reported.
Provides an implementation of IProgress<T> which does nothing fancy. A synchronization context isn't captured. The thread pool isn't touched. Progress reports are simply handed off to an event in the order they are received.