Top 20 NuGet ipaddress Packages

This library allows you to parse range of IP address string such as "" and "" and "", and can contains check. This library supports both IPv4 and IPv6.
This package includes: - AlphaNumericValidator for validating whether a string contains only alphanumeric characters. - AlphaValidator for validating whether a string contains only alpha characters. - BetweenValidator for validating whether a value is within a minimum and maximum r...
[Superseded] This package became only metadata package for installing "IPAddressRange" NuGet package, because "IPAddressRange" NuGet package became strong-named assembly. Please consider to installing "IPAddress" NuGet package directly instead of this package. ---------------------------- This libr...
Utilities for using URIs with IPAddress.
TakeIo.NetworkAddress is a small library to handle IP/Mask operations (network mask tasks), like matching same network address between two IPs and a network mask. It also handles parsing of IP/Mask input strings like "" or "", and handle IP range addresses like "...
Arcus is a C# manipulation library for calculating, parsing, formatting, converting, and comparing both IPv4 and Pv6 addresses and subnets. It accounts for 128-bit numbers on 32-bit platforms.
Unofficial Sypex Geo for .Net Core and ASP.Net Core. The library for receiving information by ip address.
API client library to geocode zip codes and IP addresses via
Why didn't Microsoft include an IP address control in the stock toolbox for Visual Studio .NET? I needed something similar to the MFC CIPAddressCtrl class in a C# application recently, and was forced to roll my own. I tried to mimic the behavior of CIPAddressCtrl using C#, and hopefully I've succeed...
SiteServer CMS IP定位拦截插件能够根据IP地址阻止不需要的访问者访问网站。
Unofficial Sypex Geo for .Net Core and ASP.Net Core. The library for receiving information by ip address.
MyIP is a simple web service that provides you with your current public IP address (both IPv4 and IPv6 depending on availability).
Tracking Plugin for Xamarin. It retrieves information about user's location without GPS activation: IP Address, country name, city name, GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude), country calling code, country currency, country flag image, etc.
Service Objects IP Address Validation Libraries utilizing best practices with fail over configuration.
Allows easy IP address access filtering by simply adding an attribute to MVC controller or controller action. It supports: - single IP address filtering - multiple IP address filtering - single IP address range filtering - multiple IP address range filtering - a list of roles with linked IP addresse...
ADN.Net is a cross-platform open-source library which provides net utilities to .NET developers
A .NET library to provide an easy IP to country mapping. Everything is done in memory, no database is needed. Uses IP2Location Lite Nuget, SpartanExtensions and CsvHelper.
IPAddress Pool Wrapper allows you to parse or check IPAddress from list of IP Pools/Ranges in multiple regions. it also support files such as json and text file for large IP Ranges/Pools. IPAddress Supported formats like,,
WPF Controls: IPAddrBox ImageViewer PasswordTextBox ScrollViewerHelper Wait Mask