Top 20 NuGet integrity Packages

Fully managed library providing convenience methods to perform argument checks. Thrower allows to write preconditions in a pretty lean way, which reduces the clutter at the beginning of each method by removing the need to use the cumbersome 'if true then throw ex' required to validate parameters. Fo...
Provides a set of validation and runtime checking extension methods which permits a more fluent programming style.
I2M is Integrity's platform to create a highly scalable service orientated architecture
A string encryption and data integrity library for Entity Framework
#SFV (sharpSFV) A .NET implementation of the Simple File Verification format. - Read and parse .SFV files with sharpsfv.Sfv - Create checksums and output .SFV-formatted content with sharpsfv.SfvBuilder Targets .NET 4.5.2
Assembly for reading and writing office file properties and hidden tokens
A command line tool for generating the SRI hash for browsers