Top 20 NuGet integrations Packages

Get started with Integrations.
Seda integrations for Azure.
Library contains base client for integration with WebApi
Helper for Box Integrations
Seda integrations for MessagePack.
Seda integrations for common components with in-memory implementations.
Seda integrations for the Elasticsearch stack.
Seda integrations for aspnet.
Send messages to slack channels via Incoming WebHook Intergrations.
This package includes Integrations for SendGrid.
This package includes Integrations for Google Api's.
This package includes Integration packages core functionalities.
This package includes integrations for Parasut Api.
This package includes Integrations for Posta Guvercini SMS Service.
This package includes Integrations for Wirecard Api's.
Several classes containing logic that is not domain specific
Enabling the use of SQL Depedency with multiple databases, used to create integrations between systems.
Containing serveral classes that support creating integrations using SyncMasters.Service.Infrastructure.DbMonitor
Enabling the use of python and c# scripting as part of integrations.