Top 20 NuGet industry Packages

ASP.NET Core authentication handler for Intelligent Plant's Industrial App Store.
Strongly-typed client for Intelligent Plant's Data Core API.
Strongly-typed client for Intelligent Plant's Industrial App Store API.
Templates to use when creating an application for the Intelligent Plant Industrial App Store.
Brainboxes Extension for MultiPlug
MultiPlug IPC HERMES 9852 Extension used for the transfer of PCB related data between manufacturing equipment on a electronics assembly line.
Include Surface and Volume Calculation for 12 kinds geometric. 1.Annulus 2.Block 3.Cylinder 4.SegmentOfCylinder 5.Sphere 6.SphericalCap 7.Torus 8.TrapezoidalPrizm 9.TriangularPrism 10.TruncatedCone 11.TruncatedPyramid 12.EllipticalColumn
The core functions for Ponytail
CountryCode ISO3166, CurrencyCode ISO4217, GICS, S and P classifications, etc etc used throughout various iayos projects, containing lookup values for market-related ISO lookups.
Biblioteca para la serialización XML según las especificaciones de la norma ISO 20022 Universal financial industry message scheme.