Top 20 NuGet image-picker Packages

Xamarin.Android binding for fishwjy's MultiType-FilePicker, a light Android file picker library
Xamarin.Android bindings for Drjacky's ImagePicker. 📸 Image Picker for Android, Pick an image from Gallery or Capture a new image with Camera 🖼. Easy to use and configurable library to Pick an image from the Gallery or Capture image using Camera. It also allows to Crop and Compresses the Image ba...
Xamarin.Android Bindings for Dhaval Patel's ImagePicker. An Android Image Picker from Gallery or Capture a new image with Camera
Xamarin.Android Binding for Seokwon Jeong's FishBun, an Android Multiple Image Picker
Xamarin Binding Library - ImagePicker
Easy photo gallery picker for Android
A simple library that allows you to select images from the device library or directly from the camera
A FilePicker library for Android for selecting multiple types of files and also to capture Images and Videos.
A file-picker which allows to select images and videos with flexibility. It also supports selection of files by specifying its file type.
Xamarin.Android Bindings for Akshay Sharma's PixImagePicker. Pix is a Whatsapp image picker replica. with this, you can integrate an image picker just like WhatsApp.
Xamarin.Android Bindings for Oswaldo Gomez's LatestPhotoGallery. Android library to show last added or downloaded images like the functionality of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp.
Xamarin.Android Binding for Álvaro Blanco Cabrero's ImageProvider, the easiest way to gather images from camera, gallery, etc.
Xamarin.Android Binding for Zhihu's Matisse, a well-designed local image and video selector for Android.
An image picker that extends BottomSheetDialogFragment. Camera and gallery all in one dialog. Single or Multi Selection.
Xamarin.Android Libary that lets you to select multiple images or video
Android library to choose image from gallery or camera with option to compress result image
Xamarin Binding Library - YangMingShan (PhotoPicker)