Top 20 NuGet iframe Packages

Jasmine test utilities library. This library enables running non-trivial tests using an iFrame. The library solves the 'fixtures' problem, i.e. fixtures in Jasmine are a fixed-in-time representation of a UI or UI control, and can produce false positives when the dynamic UI elements have change...
MVC bundle configuration for jquery-iframe-auto-height. The actual include needs to be done per page/layout.
Parses razor templates from Github (gists)
Creates email messages to be used in PMoney applications.
Client's assets for Framerizr.
Framerizr.MVC lets you easily embed your ASP.NET Razor Views inside iframes hosted in external webs with kick-ass auto-height behavior Ajax Requests resistant.
Server's assets for Framerizr.MVC.
Removes merchants and software providers from PCI validation requirements
jQuery plugin to set the height of an iframe to its contents height
Creates email messages to be used in PMoney applications.
Creates schedules against the ETS scheduler.
A REST adapter for the Hosted Payments Adapter Service
Creates email messages to be used in PMoney applications.
Iframe Resizer (iframe-resizer) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Host based membership and bill pay managment tool. This SDK interfaces with services
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Adds extra security measures for PEN tests: - Set all timeouts to 20 minutes - Forces SSL on all requests - Enforces HTTPOnly and SSL cookies - Clears unneeded HTTP header information - Disables iFraming and adds Strict-Transport-Security to HTTP header - Contains...
use jquery ui dialog open iframe dialog.