Top 20 NuGet iequalitycomparer Packages

Generic IEqualityComparer which performs a deep comparison of object trees
Helper methods/classes for operating on objects of type IEnumerable.
Helper methods/classes to test objects for equality.
XUnit tests for adjunct-System.DataStructures.FuncComparer
Build IComparer and IEqualityComparer objects using natural language syntax.
Generic comparer wrapper for Func{T, T, int}.
Is a Generic IEqualityComparer representation class
Provides a set of general purpose Fluent Assertion extension methods methods extending from Xunit.
This library allows to define IEqualityComparer on arbitrary types to compare objects based on their members. Members are explicitly configured with strongly-typed fluent API. Members are not limited to properties but fields and methods can also be used for comparison. The library allows to implemen...
A small helper library for configuring EqualityComparer<T> and Comparer<T>
Simple class to create custom equality comparers to be used in Dictionary and HashSet, among others.
Package Description
MedallionComparers makes it easy to create IEqualityComparer<T>s and IComparer<T>s for any situation, including comparing collections.