Top 20 NuGet identifiers Packages

AspNetCore integration for Identifiers with DependencyInjection integration
.NET Core DependencyInjection Integration for Identifiers with EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer
A convenience wrapper struct for dealing with URL-safe Base64 encoded globally unique identifiers (GUID), making a shorter string value (22 vs 36 characters long). As of version 2.0.0, `ShortGuid` performs a sanity check when decoding strings to ensure they haven't been tampered with, i.e. allowing...
Value object classes and validation for different kinds of global identifiers.
Value objects of different kinds of identifiers in Finland.
A library for parsing healthcare identifiers to check they are syntactically correct. There are also methods for randomly generating instances of the same identifiers for testing purposes. The currently supported identifiers are primarily used in the Australian context and are: Medicare Number, Depa...
Newtonsoft.Json integration for Identifiers
A library for .Net that makes creating and working with custom identifiers easy. Stop relying on ambiguous Guid's/Integers for your Id's and start using something ubiquitous !
A simple .NET Core global tool to generate any number of GUID/UUIDs (v3 MD5 hashed, v4 random, v5 SHA-1 hashed), Hashids, Nanoids, Xcode identifiers suitable for storyboard and XIB files, and more.
Provides custom id types and id extensions.