Top 20 NuGet hypermedia Packages

HAL Models for producing HAL Json
A set of basic HATEOAS (Hypermedia As The Engine Of Application State) types to help with implementing consistent hypermedia-enabled APIs.
Hallo is a content negotiated implementation of the HAL hypermedia format for ASP.NET Core.
Adds HAL support to ASP.NET Core
A lightweight fluent .NET client for navigating and consuming HAL APIs. Includes support for .NET Standard.
Web Api extensions to create REST Web services using Siren as Hypermedia format
Type safe generic REST client which uses the Siren hypermedia format.
Relations for use in hypermedia documents. See:
Media types used by REST projects.
Provides Hal+JSON media type support for Nancy.
Portable HAL client for .NET. There's a CSharp version for CS.
Portable HAL client for .NET wrapped in a CSharp friendly wrapper
Adds HAL support to ASP.NET Core
HAL Models for producing HAL Json
A library to extend Carter to handle the siren hypermedia media type.
Code that gives you a simple starting point for hypermedia usage in ASP.NET MVC.
Apitize is an embeddable Hypermedia API server.
Class Library containing an C# abstraction model of the collection+json media type object model
Class Library containing an implementation of the gachcollectionjson abstraction model using the Newtonsoft Json.Net Library
Adds HAL support to ASP.NET WebAPI