Top 20 NuGet httpmodule Packages

X4D WebMetrics HTTP Module
ASP.NET zero-configuration HttpModule for preventing Denial-Of-Service attacks
We've added support for the Http Module. In order to use this extension you must have the ReflectInsight Viewer installed. Download and install the ReflectInsight Viewer from this location: You can view your Http messages in realtime, in a rich ...
Session per request HttpModule for LiteFx.NHibernate.
A tiny aggregator for self-registering HttpModules.
Provides zero-configuration canonical route support.
Simple implementation of basic authentication using only one dll and one xml file with credentials.
Medidata Zipkin Tracer HttpModule
Basic Authentication for WebApi projects deployed as Azure Web Apps behind an API Management
This package is used by Edna clients in order to communicate with the API to detect bots and protect their websites from being attacked.
Module for logging request and response data
A simple HTTP Module you can add to a web application for running Health Checks.
Module that prevents ASP.NET Forms Authentication to redirect the user to the login page. This is helpful for AJAX, JSON, and all other of non Web Representation (Views/Pages) type of requests.
Create modules for using a base class that helps you subscribe to application events easier than before and in a unit testable manner.
HTTP module, removes unwanted response headers.
Logs requests and responses to a database that your server emit.