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Map model with [NoMap] Attribute: AutoMap<ED_Student>.Convert(modelOld, modelNew); Id long: GenerateId.NewLong(); // Auto sort DateCreated desc Id in day: datetime.ToDayCount();
<n-form action="/student/create"><n-hide for="Id"></n-hide><n-input for="ModelName" icon="fa fa-check" is-require="false"></n-input><n-checkbox for="IsFullTime" is-require="false"></n-checkbox><n-radio-label id="radio" label="Question checkbox:"><n-radio-item name="radio" value="1" label="Check box ...
Scan virus file upload by Windows Defender
Enum: Actives, Responses, Status, Colors
DbContext.TrackingEntity(EntityEntry, userId);
The PDF Library .NET Core. Export PDF with table, image, grid... with full format: Horizontal, Vertical, Border, Background Color, Bold... public IActionResult PDF() { var model = new PDFDocument(12, PageSize.A4); model.AddCell(new PDFCell("PDF Library by HT Team") { HorizontalAl...
Markup, HTML, XHTML, XML, Minification, Minifier, Minify Config in Startup.cs: - void ConfigureServices: services.AddMinResponse(); - void Configure: app.UseMinResponse();
Encrypt and Decrypt AES without key