Top 20 NuGet hotkeys Packages

A hotkey manager that uses a low-level keyboard hook in a way that avoids invading the user's privacy, by invoking callbacks only when specific registered keys are hit.
Allows you to bind commands to system-wide hotkeys.
Features: -Define hotkeys on an entire route, automatically binding and unbinding them as you navigate -Automatic listing of shortcuts when users hit the ? key -Super duper unit tests
A small C# Library which allows binding (and unbinding) of global Hotkeys, even when application is not Focused/Activated or in Background (using P/Invokes)
Javascript keyboard shortcuts with a fluent API.
Provides manager for keybinding where key gesture can be configured by user.
A library that allows the developer to listen for global hotkeys in Windows.
vBridge extends .NET's GUI capabilities by giving developers additional system features, and increases productivity by eliminating common boilerplate code.
Global hotkey manager for Cocoa