Top 20 NuGet hosted Packages

Extensions to configure tasks that should be executed on application startup, shutdown or repeating after an interval.
Background workers collection for ASP.NET Core application. CronTab-schedule available.
Provides GrafanaCloud Hosted Metrics reporting capability to App Metrics
App Metrics Formatting, formatting metrics data to GrafanaCloud Hosted Metrics formats e.g. Graphite & Metrics 2.0
App Metrics Grafana Cloud Hosted Metrics Metapackage
SearchTap is a hosted search solution for website, mobile apps and e-commerce platforms.
Provides routines to initialize and host the IIS Hosted Web Core.
Library for hosted services build as Windows services and Linux daemon
Scheduled tasks made easy for .NET hosting.
Service Fabric support for IIS Hosted Web Core.
Use .Net Core Generic Service and Quartz to Implement Background Schedule Tasks.
Implementation of IHostedService interface for Nybus
Implementation of IHostedService interface for Nybus Legacy
Babylon Toolkit - UWP Xbox Live Plugin -
Canvas Toolkit - UWP Xbox Live Plugin -
This package adds SharePoint client object model assembly references and token helper code to the ASP MVC Web API project for SharePoint Online. These items make it easier to develop the web project if the web project needs to access data from the SharePoint Add-in.
Provides utilities to configure ApplicationHost.config files and other IIS artifacts.
Provides utilities to configure Web.config files.
Blazor (hosted in ASP.NET server with Serivce Worker)