Top 20 NuGet hlsl Packages

Assembly providing DirectX - Mathematics managed API.
A .NET Standard 2.1 library to run C# code in parallel on the GPU through DX12 and dynamically generated HLSL compute shaders
Provides Media Extensions applying image effects from the Lumia Imaging SDK, Win2D, and DirectX HLSL pixel shaders to videos via MediaTranscoder, MediaComposition, MediaCapture, or MediaElement. Enables overlays, effect animations, cropping, creating square videos, and video analysis (ZXing.Net barc...
If you want to add a nice bloom-effect to your game, this library will help you. It's a portable library, so it will work with all MG flavors and it is pretty simple to use. Just create a BloomEffectRenderer in your game, hook it up (Initialize and UnloadContent) and tell it to render the effect a...
Write your cross-platform shaders in C#.
This PCL library helps with some useful tools when working with shaders in MonoGame, like a reflection helper that determines if the project gets used for OpenGL or DirectX and some static extension methods for the GraphicsDevice and the SpriteBatch. Another one helps you to make loading shad...
Burgerlib is a low level "Operating System" like library that provides a standardized Application Programmer's Interface (API) so the application can run unmodified on over a dozen operating systems. It's been used in over 50 commercial video games.
All of the core types for SharpShader. Contains everything you need to read SharpShader translation results, without requiring all of the extra dependencies.
SlimShader.Compiler transforms HLSL source code into SlimShader objects ready for use in SlimShader.VirtualMachine
SlimShader.VirtualMachine is an HLSL virtual machine for .NET
HlslUnit is a unit testing library for HLSL shaders
A Pixel Shader library to be used in WPF's XAML. Just add `xmlns:fx=""` to your XAML namespace definitions to use the effects.
SlimShader is a Direct3D shader bytecode parser for .NET and C++
HLSL surface shader parser for XNA / MonoGame
Some shaders for WPF from Shazzam and a few others.
This package installs MSBuild support for HLSL compilation in C# and VB projects. Get started Please reload your project or restart Visual Studio for the new shader Build Actions to appear in the properties window. Known Issues After you change the Build Action to one of the shader types, you nee...
C# attributes and primitives for generating shader code via ShaderGen.
Build-time plugin which generates shader code during a post-build event.
Translates C# code to HLSL and GLSL shader code.
A .NET wrapper for Microsoft's DirectXShaderCompiler.