Top 20 NuGet hipchat Packages

A HipChat Adapter for mmbot, a C# port of Github's Hubot chat bot
NLog Extensions. [Features] - HipChat Target. - ASP.NET Request Summary Renderer. - Truncate Renderer. If you find bugs or have requests for improvement, contact me.
Post a chat message to HipChat when new errors occur on
HipChat API v2 portable client library for .NET. Issue?
Midori includes a number of helpers for common functionality needed during builds, including: * Sql - Create dbs with SMO, execute SQL scripts, backup / restore and copy MDBs. Ship MDBs as part of a build, or run intgration tests against a fresh DB. * HipChat - send notifications ...
Wolfpack.Contrib.Publishers.HipChat is an installable package that adds a HipChat publisher to your Wolfpack installation
An app for Seq ( that forwards messages to HipChat.
HipChat error messaging module for usage with ELMAH. Powerful yet simple.
HipChat target for NLog.
Easily add a chat widget to your ASP.NET MVC application to allow your users to contact you though HipChat.
Cake HipChat AddIn