Top 20 NuGet hint Packages

A fluent tooltip for Android
Build target for generating a T4 file with a list of assembly directives based on the projects references. References with a hint path and solution references will be listed the file. This file can then be included by other T4 files.
Free, simple & easy to use TextBox-based component for Windows Phone 8 (and higher) providing support for hints. Hint string is displayed only when the control is "empty" (no text is provided by user). The hint does not affect the control value - requesting text when hint is displayed will return ...
A pure CSS tooltip library for your lovely websites
A TextBox by default value to hint that and have some features such as Math Parser, Numeric Mode, Thousands Separator and etc. for more informations:
This project reimplements the behaviour for autocompleting paths from a Unix terminal.
EditText implementation where the hint floats above the EditText when editing.
Adds hinting capabilities to console applications