Top 20 NuGet hg Packages

.NET Core CLI project version generator tool
An MSBuild project integration that makes it easy to keep version numbers synced across all projects in a solution based on a simple date scheme and user provided major / minor version numbers. Provides a single source of truth for versioning, and modifies it at build time as necessary to keep asse...
.NET Mercurial Client Library
Textile Content-Provider for blog-dot-net
Markdown Content-Provider for blog-dot-net
A simple Mercurial ignore file for Umbraco projects, feel free to contribute :)
blog-dot-net is a text centric, decentralized blog engine driven by your favorite DVCS (HG, GIT, ect.) and your favorite content languages (Markdown, Textile, pure HTML). Configuration is easy and can be done in your favorite configuration language (XML, JSON, YML, ect.). Short the perfect blog for ...
Mercurial command line client wrapper assembly
Cake AddIn that extends Cake with Mercurial features
Embed information on this deployment into the application
Embed information on this deployment (including source control information) into the application. This works for any version of mvc post 4.0
Provides binaries with a command line interface to the Mercurial system (hg.exe v.3.2.1)
This is a fork of Brandon Jones ( work, packaged for nuget.
VersionTasks is an MSBuild Tasks library to automatically insert the current repository's changeset into to your project. Supports Git, Mercurial, Team Foundation Server 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2012.
MSBuild task that uses Git or Mercurial commits for the project auto-versioning.
hg version 3.7.3 for android
hg version 3.4.2 for windows
hg version 4.8.2 for windows
hg version 4.8.2 for android
hg version 4.8.2 for android