Top 20 NuGet helper-functions Packages

`XHttp` makes it easy to make 304 NotModified requests, to get rich request response data in fewer lines of code, makes working with some annoying things like FormUrlEncodedContent simpler, and so forth. Nothing earth-shattering here, just something to simplify http coding a bit.
Some Newtonsoft.JSON helper extension methods and types (e.g. JsonConverters). Most important is the extension method on objects exposting a useful `ToJson` extension method, which allows one to serialize any object to Json with a single call, while being able to specify whether to indent, to camel-...
Some cryptography and compression related helper extension methods and types. Extension methods that make it easy to get SHA hashes as well as AES-256 encryption on strings and byte-arrays. XZip which makes it easy to convert byte arrays and Streams to and from a ZipArchive (a zip file...
A number of helpful collections, such as a DropOffStack, a PriorityQueue, some binary-search types that allow chop-searching on virtual collections (not just on an array), and a grab-bag of additional types such as: A ConcurrentTasksRunner, a GuidTimeStamp, a Colour type, and so forth.
Text-oriented functions for working with CSVs, clearing XML tags, Diacritics, a GridOutputBuilder (for outputting lines of output in aligned columns), and so forth.
MIME type helper for getting some common ("basic") MIME types, and the ability to know their associated file extensions, or to find a MIME type(s) from an extension, and so forth. This is NOT intended to be exhaustive (as having an exhaustive enum for mimetypes would not be encouraged), but to re...
- Timezone / TZ types for easily getting a `TimeZoneInfo` from a TZ identifer. - World countries enum and a U.S. and Canada states enum, with GeoNames helper (with helper dictionaries on country / state names, etc), and so forth.
A general purpose toolbox of helpful .NET extensions methods (and some types). Helpful extension methods on Dictionary, DateTime / DateTimeOffset, on strings and StringBuilder, on general collections, and so forth.
Roothelpers provides extension , helper classes , and other goodies to help you use the bootstrap css framework from .net code. incorporate bootstrap into your mvc projects and make your sites more user-friendly and dynamic
Timezone / TZ types for easily getting a `TimeZoneInfo` from a TZ identifer. Also contains a world countries enum and a U.S. and Canada states enum, GeoNames, and so forth.